Camp Life


In our encampments, we recreate 18th century life as faithfully as possible. We eat, drink, sleep and live life as it was in colonial times, not as observers, but as participants. We cook over wood fires...sleep in tents of the pattern and materials used in the 18th century...dress in clothes of authentic materials and style. It is a process of continual education -- and continual enjoyment. We constantly try to learn more about life in the 18th century in order to make our activities as multi-dimensional as possible, and truly bring history to life for ourselves and the public.

This experience is not limited to the men in the ranks. In the 18th century, women -- not infrequently accompanied by their children -- by choice and sometimes by necessity followed the armies. These women might be wives of barons or girlfriends of runaway servants. These are the army wives and field nurses of that era, and their support was essential to the welfare of the army. Today, women and children play an important role in our interpretation of the past.

The Régiment de Saintonge has a large number of families who are active members. We take the educational part of living history seriously, and try to make the Régiment de Saintonge a happy, educational and safe place for our families, particularly our children. Imagine the matchless educational experiences that the children of the Regiment have. Our children can explore a whole world of exciting activities and educational experiences geared to their interests and age level in a first-hand way that other children don’t. For children, there is always something new to see, do and learn. The process of recreating history is an ongoing learning experience for children, as well as for their parents.

For example, our activities frequently take us to historical sites, and it is common for re-enactors to be given behind-the-scenes tours of these sites. Often, we are able to explore historical sites as "insiders" in ways not open to the general public. Even when we are encamped in more prosaic sites, many children are thrilled simply to be "camping out" with their parents. For children who wish to pursue a serious interest in history, we maintain a reading list for children. Of course, there are activities for the children while at overnight events. Adult members of the Regiment help the children to learn and have fun with authentic, hands-on activities designed to make children’s participation in the life of the Régiment de Saintonge an experience that is both fun and educational.